Getting to know each other

We want to 'fact find' your business, getting to know:

We also read all your documentation for guidance, including:

  • How you assess attitude to risk

  • Your investment philosophy

  • Your compliance regime

  • The research tools you use

  • Your current support arrangements

  • Your client agreement

  • Your company brand guidelines

  • Any client facing brochures

  • Your report templates (if applicable)

  • Your fact find documentation

Send us a case

Send us a summary of the client case via email to a dedicated secure email address. We will then consider the work you'd like us to do and send you a link to our online quote. Click to accept the quote and we'll get started.

Our online task management system will ensure you are well informed throughout the process.

Monthly plan members set-up

We use an online portal to keep you abreast of case developments, provide notifications, provide a secure document storage facility and to keep a record of your sensitive information, such as agency details, usernames and passwords.

We'll send to you the registration link once you've signed up to a monthly plan.