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Author: Suzanna Pajak

Exceptional Outsourced Paraplanning

PFS Associate Firm

We are pleased to be accredited as one of the PFS’ new Associate firms, after demonstrating our values of professionalism and placing the client at the heart of what we do. Being an “Associate Firm” means a lot to us. Our new status will serve as a formal signal that we adopt the professional standards…
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Quantifying the impact of ESG investing on climate change

In the course of researching ESG I’ve heard a statistic going around that switching pension funds has 27 times more climate impact than giving up meat and flying. It sounds great, but as a paraplanner I really need to understand the numbers people put in front of me. I decided to make like Tim Harford…
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Should advisers or clients lead the conversation on ESG?

In July 2020, the CII announced it is working with the International Association for Sustainable Economy to offer a qualification for financial advisers in ESG, or environmental, social and corporate governance considerations, from the fourth quarter of 2020.   This reflects momentum within the industry towards ESG as much as, or perhaps even more than, an increase in…
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Sequencing risk – helping clients to ‘get it’ using cashflow planning

Over recent years, the definition of the word retirement has evolved massively and rightly so. Retirement should be a celebration of working life and the opportunity to tackle the ‘bucket list’. Clients should be encouraged to focus on their lifetime plan and what they want to achieve over the next phase of their life.   When…
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Why you should consider outsourced paraplanning

A dynamic regulatory landscape has caused increasing complexity within the financial advice process over the last 20 years. Many of the activities which have become critical to the advice process have become increasingly timely and technical. As an outsourced paraplanning provider, we can help. We have an agile and flexible service, no matter the size…
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Financial advice Vs Life Planning Two sides of the same coin?

Traditional financial advice is an effective model that has worked for a long time, it’s tried and tested. But, a new generation of advisers are putting greater emphasis on life planning. This is the concept that advice should go beyond investments and annual reviews and move into ongoing goal management, working backwards from a target and…
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Now might be the perfect time to advise the younger generation

Financial advice is generally regarded as a service for those that have already built up their wealth and so it makes sense that the average client of an adviser is in their 50’s and is looking to retire in the foreseeable. Advising those who are coming towards the end of their career and have reached…
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Pound cost averaging in a falling market

The investment landscape in the last few months has been overshadowed by considerable uncertainty. Despite the incredible levels of fiscal spending to prevent unemployment and protect the vulnerable, financial markets have still taken a hammering and a recession is not too far away. Amongst all the doom and gloom, the current market volatilities make investment…
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Be scam smart: a cautionary crypto tale

Last weekend whilst scrolling through the BBC news app, I stumbled across an intriguing podcast named “The missing Crypto Queen”. As a follower of the fintech and cryptocurrency scene, I have a reasonable understanding of Bitcoin, some of its smaller counterparts, and the basics of blockchain technology. Onecoin was completely new to me and so I thought I would…
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How to safeguard your clients from the surge in financial scams

Turbulence and uncertainty in the markets over recent months has led many individuals to consider withdrawing their investments out of fear. Although we know this isn’t necessarily the right thing to do, it is the reality of the current systemic shock which we find ourselves in. The unfortunate consequence of this, however, is there could…
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