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Does the new Tapered Annual Allowance limit look after our Doctors?

With everything going on over the past couple of months it has been easy to gloss over the changes announced in the 2020 Budget which impact financial planning. One of the points of interest from this year’s budget was the changes to the Tapered Annual Allowance (TAA). In summary, the income requirements (threshold and adjusted) have each…
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Working from home, its a balancing act

For most of us the novelty of our now rather short commute, otherwise known as walking down (or up) the stairs might be beginning to wear off. Our once separated lives of work and home have been merged for quite some time and its more important than ever that we manage ourselves between family life,…
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Can financial planning become a totally digital experience?

We currently find ourselves in a strange twilight zone; things are changing. We didn’t predict the transition to remote working would come as fast as it has, but COVID-19 has proved to be quite the catalyst.  The traditional approach whereby advisers would visit clients at home, or clients visit their practice has proven to work well. This approach is both logical and suitable in an industry where success is achieved through building great client relationships. However, this is…
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